Disc Golf is Perfect for Social Distancing

Listen, we’re all in the same boat here, right? We’ve been physical distancing for nearly six months straight. Everything is online ordering, curbside pickup, or food delivery. We’re wearing masks, washing our hands constantly, and really wearing out our Netflix subscriptions. Things like international travel, attending concerts, and hugging our older parents are still off in an unsure future. Honestly, it sucks. It’s not fun.

And on top of that, we’re dealing with the “group project effect,” where those of us who are following the rules and taking it seriously in hopes of getting back to a safe normal quicker are being dragged down by the mask naysayers, the conspiracy nuts, and the people who want to get drunk at a crowded bar more than they want to keep the nation’s grandparents safe.

By late June, it was really starting to wear on my husband and me. The strain of being stuck inside, only ever seeing each other, was turning us perma-cranky. Life had become one long zone-out, relying on binge-watching our fave shows and constantly eating snacks.

Then, as you can read about in my last post, we discovered disc golf, and it changed everything about our pandemic experience. Suddenly, we had an outlet for all of our clogged-up, sad, lethargic feelings, and we ran with it. The thing is, disc golf is the PERFECT pandemic activity, and here’s why:

  1. Socially distanced: Disc golf is naturally socially distant. It’s an outdoors activity that you can play solo or with your quarantine partner. Even if a course is a little crowded, you’re still gonna be playing one group per hole at a time; nobody’s getting all mashed together. And depending on the hole distance, you could be hundreds of yards from the group playing directly before and after you. Basically, it’s all spread out, and that’s GOOD.
  2. Easily accessible* to most: Disc golf is almost everywhere. There are over 6,500 disc golf courses in the U.S., located in every single state. Disc golf courses are in cities, suburbs, and in rural areas. So in these times when we’re mostly staying close to home, there’s a good chance that you’ve got a course not too far away. And most disc golf courses are free to play! (*I threw an asterisk on there because I’m talking more about geographical and financial accessibility than ADA accessibility. There are disc golf courses out there that are more accessible than others, but ADA accessibility is not universal, similar to the situation with hiking trails and other outdoors activities. It depends on the setting, etc.)
  3. Usually free: To harp on the FREE thing once again, this is crucial during the pandemic because you can just drive up, park, and start playing; no need to go inside and pay someone or otherwise interact with a gatekeeper. Big win for social distancing!
  4. Use your own equipment: There’s no need to rent equipment to play disc golf like when you play putt putt, regular golf, or take part in other outdoor sports, like skiing. You’re using your own equipment, so you don’t have to pay money to use someone else’s germy stuff.
  5. Get active!: The best thing about disc golf during the pandemic is that it’s a safe way to get active. You don’t have to be part of a large group or go to a crowded gym. With disc golf, you can burn calories, get your steps in, and build muscle all while keeping safely away from others.
  6. Use your brain without staring at a screen: Disc golf is not just physical; there’s a huge mental component to it. You have to strategize your shots, figure out which disc is best for your position, plan your approach to the basket, and aim your putts. There’s a lot going on to work your noggin, which is much needed during a time when your brain power is usually reserved for making sure your Zoom meeting doesn’t reveal your stack of dirty dishes in the background.

If you’re curious about disc golf, hopefully I’ve convinced you that now is the PERFECT time to try it out. Disc golf is growing in popularity during the pandemic and I don’t think that’s a coincidence at all; it only makes sense!

Do you have questions about disc golf, or disc golf during social distancing? Do you have any other reasons why disc golf is perfect during the pandemic? Comment below and let me know!