15 Retro Fonts on Canva

Wanna give your graphics a little bit of vintage flair? I’ve got some Canva tips for you!

I think that Canva is the greatest online invention since Myspace or Livejournal, because like both of those proto-social media sites, Canva makes it easy for the technologically only-semi-literate to create personalized content.

Canva is a totally free online resource for creating graphics, infographics, book covers, social media banners, invitations, or whatever else you can dream up, and the results are mindblowingly good! They offer tons of templates so you don’t even have to start from scratch; just search for whatever you’re trying to make (i.e. “flyer” or “Twitter graphic”) and you’ll find lots of options to get you started on that very project. It’s unbelievably easy.

I love blogging and creating but I just don’t have the brain for the tough coding and Photoshop-type stuff, so when I discovered that *EVEN I* could use Canva to create graphics, I went wild. And since I’m a retro aficionado, of course I immediately started figuring out how to give my creations a little bit of vintage flair.

If you’re here reading this blog, there’s a chance you’re at least somewhat interested in all things retro, so I’m going to give you some of my vintage Canva tips in this and future blog posts. Because I love you.

Behold! 15 Retro Fonts on Canva!

The secret is to play with the options like letter spacing, bold type, and italics. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment around with combinations. You may choose one font for your main headline that looks unassuming, but then when you try different fonts for the subtitle, it automatically makes the whole thing look more vintage. A good serif typewriter-style font (like Trocchi with wide letter spacing) can make almost anything look more vintage. A brushy script like Engagement, Mr. Dafoe, or Playlist can look very 50s or 60s. A bold serif font with lots of flourishes (Berkshire Swash or Lobster Two) looks 70s, and of course, the 80s are all about that digital look – think dot matrix printing or Atari game print.

I hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration for creating your very own retro-inspired graphics on Canva! Do you have a favorite retro Canva font or other digital font? Do you have a dream font? I’m always looking for a good disco font – think Saturday Night Fever.

By Eliza Gillie

Writer. Not that kinda Virgo. Living in the 70s. Cats, rock n roll, aliens, and a lot of talk about The Office.

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